Sports betting calculator

Guaranteed calculation of bets using a specially designed calculator allows you to calculate the profitability of the whole surebet, to form the exact value of express bets.

The prescribed algorithm of the betting system calculator is an excellent solution for automatic software calculation of all possible scenarios, and this is one hundred percent minimization of the risks of losing.

Modern online betting tools are the basis for calculating systems in live mode, and taking into account the coefficient that changes several times a minute, and the time limit for a possible calculation, making a decision is an ideal option for optimizing sweepstakes.

Basic information: the concept of the system and rate calculator

A set of several possible outcomes and getting a win when calculated correctly are betting strategies. But before you start experimenting with such a complex technique, you need to understand the express technique in detail. Its peculiarity is to collect a small number of outcomes and correctly designate absolutely everything.

Betting system activity implies the most complete combination of the same express elements based on a pre-allocated number of events. Most often this is a gap of 3-16 pieces. In this case, all combinations are considered as independent accumulator bets.

The betting system is a choice of several most probable outcomes, and then a specification of how many of them we undertake to guess in order to receive a reward. The rules severely limit the parameters of the system consisting of parlays, so that the total cost of the bet is evenly distributed among all elements.

There are several bidding mechanisms that are important to distinguish for correct use when participating in a project. But the betting system calculator always remains at the source, and any beginner begins his acquaintance with the topic, focusing on this formula for calculating the benefit.

The general principle of this mechanism is simple. It is enough to learn a few basic points of determining the winnings in the system:

the system always consists of parlays – in the classic 2 out of 3 format, these will be events A, B, C;
all three express trains play – A and B, B and C, A and C;
the total amount of the bet by the calculator is divided equally between the accumulators, and the winnings are added up;
if not everyone won, but part of the accumulators, then the part that is considered lost is subtracted;
the actual winnings may be less than the total bet amount.
Online calculators allow you to calculate the system not just in the format of winning probabilities, but already in specific numbers, which are based on the upcoming contribution amount.

What are online bookmaker calculators?

The ideal solution for the given parameters is calculated using an automated calculator using a formula that saves time and allows you to react in time, assess risks.

Multi bet calculator

Multi bet calculator is one of the most popular types of online calculators for all types of participants. You can determine how accurately it will be possible to calculate the forecast and whether it is worth trusting with a certain strategy, using a characteristic that includes both pluses and minuses. So, this online calculator has the following properties:

accurate calculation of the bet volume of one express with the selection of the optimal amount;
determination of weak coupon rates, and this is a way to avoid unnecessary risk;
instant analysis of reward amounts for several most probable outcomes;
the ability to generate a transcript that is understandable to both beginners and experienced betters;
the information obtained can be used to build a strategy – the program presents data without errors or errors;
the calculation table may look optimistic, but high risks of defeat remain in any scenario.
When planning the results for several matches in advance, even a universal calculator will not save you from possible circumstances that will affect an unpredictable negative result.

System rates calculator

The system rate calculator, unlike the previous version, is considered a complex mechanism and, despite the special formulas according to which the most probable scenarios are formed, there is always a huge risk of error and loss of the bet.

Here we are talking about a combined technique based on several independent express trains. The main plus is that the system can win even if one or more elements of the overall combination fail.

Thanks to the regularity, which is expressed by two standard values ​​(most often the numbers 3 and 4), the presence of four different choices is indicated, each of which consists of three parlays. As a result, we have a betting strategy consisting of four combinations. If at least 3 selections win, the whole system is in the black.

When choosing this option, it is worth considering that the bookmaker may have restrictions, additional conditions or bonuses. To get the most correct forecast for a particular event, it is better to use a calculator from this office. It already includes all the features and makes a calculation taking them into account.

It is possible to single out general restrictions that any BC includes – this is a ban on the collection of interrelated and duplicate events in a single system.

No parlay system calculator will allow you to calculate the forecast when you try to take more than one selection from one match. That is, betting on winning and advancing further within the same match at the same time. The second limitation is a minimum of 3 selections in one system.

There are several other popular types of calculators. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Surebets calculator

Surebets calculator – determining the profitability of an arbitrage situation as a whole, displaying the profitability of each individual leverage based on the initially entered parameters. As the basis for the calculation, the calculated odds of both outcomes are set, indicating the total value of the bet. The result will be presented as a percentage of profit and total absolute values ​​with the ability to switch between several surebets for two or three planned outcomes.

Martingale catch-up calculator

The Martingale catch-up calculator is a rather risky technique used to cover losing bets. Each losing bet requires the size of the next one to be increased enough to cover the losses of the previous one. This is a geometric progression model for increasing rates, and for the calculation you will need to enter the amount of the initial investment, the percentage of payments on the option, the maximum length of the losing streak.

Kelly Criterion Calculator

The Kelly Criterion Calculator is a favorite option for many bettors, which calculates the size of the investment as a percentage of the bettor’s bankroll. The bookmaker’s odds play a major role in the amount of the bet. The second element of influence is the probability of an outcome according to the player’s version.

Value Value Betting Calculator

Value betting calculator – Value Betting involves determining the profitability of the outcome, that is, the presence of an advantage or its absence. The calculation criteria will be two parameters – the bookmaker’s coefficient and the better’s score in percentage terms. For calculation the formula is used: KF*B>1.

Bookmaker Margin Calculator

Bookmaker margin calculator – determining the bookmaker margin in automatic mode will require entering the number of event outcomes and the coefficient of each of them. In addition to the margin itself, the calculator will provide the probability of outcomes as a percentage.

Betting odds converter

Bookmaker odds converter is a handy calculator, quotes converter that transforms the indicator for comfortable perception, evaluation of the upcoming game or use in further calculations by the calculator.

roi calculator

The roi calculator roi is the determination of the return on investment value (the second name is the return on investment ratio). It is used both in online sports betting and in other areas of financial activity. The result of the calculation of the calculator will help you analyze the average level of profitability from each bet or the whole strategy.

Even professionals rarely use absolutely all the considered calculation calculators – it all depends on individual needs, way of thinking and activity.

Examples of calculations, or how to get correct information

In order to improve or develop an individual effective method of activity, it is necessary to consider an example of calculating by a calculator exactly the method that will be used in the near future. Self-education is not bad, but it is better to devote precious time to specific actions aimed at obtaining the expected income.

An example of using the rate system calculator

A suitable solution would be an example of using the rate system calculator. The basis of coupon analysis is the 2 out of 3 combination considered at the very beginning. That is, each coupon consists of the results of two events and multiplied percentage coefficients.

The bet amount is distributed in equal parts between all coupons. The algorithm that calculates the bidding system manually is quite laborious and even a guru in his field will take at least a couple of minutes. Therefore, it is recommended to use a ready-made online service of any well-known bookmaker, for example, Parimatch. Only major representatives monitor not only the correctness of the formula, but also the speed of determining information. In addition, the use of the tools of the bookmaker with which the interaction takes place will help to eliminate errors or unaccounted for conditions of cooperation – all the features of the work are already included in the program.

When orienting the better in the features of the horizontal express, you can familiarize yourself with the additional information in the table of subtotals.

An example of calculating an ordinary

Single bets (ordins) are no less popular because of their simplicity, the absence of the need to use calculation programs and analyze the statistics obtained. Let’s take a simple example of calculating the ordinar. Winnings are calculated by multiplying the total wagered amount by the calculated odds of the event.

For example. $100 bet, match one, odds. 2.5. We consider: $100*2.5=$250

In real life, everything looks like this: it is bet on team A in a match against team B, and the odds are 1.8. We bet $200 on 1.8, and if Team A wins, the winning amount will be $360 ($200*1.8=$360).

Express calculation example

Let’s take an example of express calculation. You can calculate the bet and profit on it during the passage by multiplying the coefficients of all events (group) among themselves, and then multiply by the amount of the bet.
In fact: there are 3 events, where in the first we take the victory of the first team, in the second F1, and in the third TM (2.5). It turns out the following steam press – 1.55 * 1.57 * 1.9 \u003d 4.62. That is, if we bet $300, the winnings will be $1387 (4.62*$300) when the bet passes.

System calculation example 3 of 5

Only after practicing with the above variations, you can get acquainted with a more complex option – an example of calculating the 3 out of 5 system will do. Here 5 moves are used, which form 10 accumulators from 3 events. The passage will be real, but income is not guaranteed when playing three outcomes. It may turn out that the income will be less than the rate itself.

Practical use of betting calculators

No one has been doing calculations, compiling analytical summaries of data in manual mode for a long time (only a calculator). Having chosen one or more bookmakers, free online calculators are used before the actual confirmation of the investment, which helps to determine the personal rules of the upcoming game. To navigate the statistics of games, to get a real forecast, they simply use ready-made information from large companies. Alexbetting has now become a popular source of information – for a small fee and registration, you get access to a regularly updated source of important information, calculators. There you can also get certain odds, which, if necessary, can be transformed into the desired format using a coefficient converter and a suitable calculator.

What you need to know about the break-even point?

This concept is relevant for all players, regardless of seniority and experience. The break-even point is balancing at a certain financial level, keeping a minimum of zero and excluding losses and dipping into the red. Stability in this matter is already a kind of skill.

Playing at zero, of course, is not very comfortable, but it is safe and at certain moments even progressive.

Collaboration with unreliable or little-known bookmakers can upset this delicate balance. Therefore, it is better to give preference to representatives such as fonbet, league rates and their calculators.

You should not be scattered on a lot of accounts, calculators and dozens of small bets – this can cause you to plunge into a decent minus. Regularity, stability, regularity, control and calculation of the prospects of each bet are the constituent elements of success.

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